Johnny Rumble & The Law 4000 is a storming raw rockabilly trio from Greece. The band is named after a popular Greek movie of the 60’s about a law passed at that time against “teddyboy-ism”, the “Law 4000”. The trio was formed by vocalist Johnny, guitarist and vocalist Haris and double bassist George during a jam show at a friend’s birthday party. The band’s explosive style has been shaped by the sounds of the 50’s Rockabilly/Rock n’ Roll, but it also reflects a strong influence of the 70 ‘s Revival & the 80’s Neo-Rockabilly scene, as well as the Greek oldies of the 60’s.

Till now they have done many kilometers for shows not only in all around Greece, but also in many festivals in Europe like Italy, Holland, Bulgaria and more. In August of 2015, they make their first release in CD, “Rockin’ Around, The Live Recordings” with 19 tracks of their favourite artists recorded live from the year’s gigs.

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Johnny Rumble & The Law 4000
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A nice review for our new album!Rumble Bop by Johnny Rumble & the Law 4000Released 5th December 2020 0n own LabelReviewed 6th January 2021‘Rumble bop’ is the new album from Greek Rockabilly Trio Johnny Rumble & the Law 4000. The band is comprised of three members: Johnny Rumble (Drums/Vox) Haris Granis (Guitar/Vox) and George Georgiou (Double Bass). This latest release ‘Rumble Bop’ is a concotion of influences Trans versing Rockabilly, Country, and Rock ‘n’ Roll and there are some even jazz elements to the guitar playing from Haris Granis. 11 self-penned songs are contained in this album and they’re well worth a listen. The album cover depicts a man combing back his greased quiff as he walks away from a burning pub, maybe the pure thrill of rockabilly ignited the place as Johnny and the boys would intend this record do for your speakers. No speakers were harmed during the writing of this review...The Band: Johnny Rumble – Vocals, Haris Granis - Guitars, Vocals, George Georgioy - Double Bass, Crazy Sot – Drums and Chris Tsiaouskoglou - Acoustic GuitarOn the album there Guest Musicians: Kostas Zotos – Piano (Get a Like), Ramblin Mo – Guitar (God Forsaken Town), and Charis Kapetanakis - Sax (Shotgun)Review1. Charlie’s On the Jukebox - A number steeped in country flavour which opens with a lovely swell of tremolo soaked guitar and really sets the tone for the song ahead. Somewhat melancholic sounding. The instruments are layered nicely and the song hangs well together. A nicely performed country song with a rockabilly bounce to it. 2. Rumble Bop- A great intro riff drives this song off in to the sunset with a real sense of rockabilly cool. Some fantastic lead guitar work and country pickin’ from the Greek guitar twanger Haris. Nice single bass string work to embellish that Rockabilly swagger. Would have preferred to hear the vocal delivery taken a bit more to the edge but that’s just my preference. Cool song.3. Lean on you- A minor key, sadness tinged country tune with some excellent guitar flourishes. Double bass plods along nicely without anything much out of the ordinary. Some lovely bigsby control and whammy use throughout this cowboy stomp. Some nice chord changes that didn’t follow where I thought they might. A good effort. 4. Get a Like- Filthier guitar starts this one and is soon backed up by a piano for some boogie woogie rockin’ goodness. The piano really makes this one stand out and a slick guitar solo helps the song along nicely. Would be nice to hear some harmonies or possibly a more forceful vocal delivery. 5. Under the neon lights- A mid-tempo love song, some great cowboy sounding guitar licks on this one. Moves along nicely6. That’s the way I am- Some lovely double bass work on this track which also features a great slide descending guitar hook. Some relaxed country pickin’ grooves the song along with the slap work of George Georgiou. 7. God Forsaken Town- Some nice swells open this track and then a hint of synth can be detected which then fades away to a reverb soaked guitar tone. A relaxed affair hung off a solid rhythm section foundation which allows the guitarist to complement the song with countrified licks. Never heard a synth in a rockabilly/country song before so fair play for that! Interesting. 8. Shotgun- Acoustic guitar opens this number and is quickly joined by a sax to give this song an interesting angle as compared to most bands without any brass. Good old rockabilly this one. Sax riffs and the sax solo make the song, underneath the guitar is still working nicely with the double bass to frame the sax. This one bounces along really well and definitely has some swagger about it. This is the most roaring track on the album thus far. The saxophone use has me harking back to the great King Kurt records of the 80’s. 9. Too good to be true- This track starts off with a nice Rockabilly guitar riff that drives the first few seconds along nicely, the song then settles in to a more relaxed vibe. The “Goodbye Goodbye” section has ace double bass slapping before going back into the stomping guitar riff. A well-crafted song, much enjoyed. 10. Where the dark breaks the dawn- Another country style song to add to the collection. Some great baritone sounding guitar to bring this song into the low down and dirty. Some nice drumming keeps this song on track and allows the songs other components to flow around the rhythm section. A good melancholic country song.11. Don’t Get Me wrong- A nice distorted vocal effect makes this song stand out to the rest of the album. Some vigorous bass slapping accompanied by double stop guitar stabs rocked along by a train beat on the drums make this song jump, scream and kick. Fantastic Ronnie Dawson style baritone guitar sounds. A very cool song. Overall a good album although for my tastes it does lean a little too much toward country rather than out and out Rockabilly but it is nice for a band to have numerous styles and influences to draw from and call off. I really enjoyed the down tuned guitars and the sax that make the album something a bit out of the ordinary. I would like to hear more songs like “Don’t Get Me Wrong”, “Shotgun” and “Rumble Bop” as I think these were the albums strongest and rockiest songs. I’d like to hear a more pushed vocal delivery to give some of the songs an extra harshness and edge from that rockabilly reservoir of goodness. Good work lads! Reviewed by Mckinley List:1.Charlie's On The Jukebox 2.Rumble Bop 3.Lean On You 4.Get A Like 5.Under The Neon Lights 6.That's The Way I Am7.God Forsaken Town 8.Shotgun 9.Too Good To Be True 10.Where The Dark Breaks The Dawn 11.Don't Get Me Wrong ... See MoreSee Less
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