• 2022 – CD Album “Rumble Bop”
  • 2020 – Digital Album “Rumble Bop”

11 rockin original tracks. Released December 5, 2020.

Recorded by Vasilis Karkavitsas in Fargo Music studios.
Orchestrated by Haris Granis. Mixed, produced and mastered by Vasilis Karkavitsas and Haris Granis.
Cover line art by Evaggelos Bolotis, illustration by Haris Granis.

Track list: 1.Charlie's On The Jukebox 2.Rumble Bop 3.Lean On You 4.Get A Like 5.Under The Neon Lights 6.That's The Way I Am 7.God Forsaken Town 8.Shotgun 9.Too Good To Be True 10.Where The Dark Breaks The Dawn 11.Don't Get Me Wrong

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  • 2018 – 7″ Vinyl single “Getting High, Getting Low”

7″ Vinyl single! 45 rpm, big hole. Recorded in Greece. Released October 25, 2018

Mixed and produced at Do The Bop studios by Haris Granis. Mastered by George Manios.
Artwork by Haris Granis, Giorgos Georgiou.
Cover photo by Kostas Galios,

Track list: A side – Getting High, Getting Low / B side – Green Fields

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  • 2015 – CD “Rockin' Around, The Live Recordings”

19 thrilling tunes of their favourite artists! Recorded live in Greece, Italy and Holland. Released August 24, 2015

Mixed, mastered and produced at Do The Bop studios by Haris Granis.
Artwork by Shockin Steve.
Cover and inlet photos by Kostas Galios, Stella Adellaide, Artemis Malta photography.

Track list: 1.Baby Let's Play House, 2.Bad Moon Rising, 3.Your True Love, 4.Put Your Cat Clothes On, 5.Please Mama Please, 6.Crazy Crazy Loving, 7.Hello Mary Lou, 8.Rockabilly Boogie, 9.Rita, 10.Honey Hush, 11.Blue Suede Shoes, 12.Rain, 13.Teddy Boy Boogie, 14.House Of The Rising Sun, 15.Wild Wild Women, 16.Angel Of Love, 17.Wild Night, 18.Miss Pearl, 19.Peepin' Eyes.

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